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Rental FAQs

What are your hours?

We are available by appointment only.
Rental pick-ups and returns are completed typically Monday and Thursday evenings, unless otherwise arranged.


Can furniture be placed outside?

Yes, however the renter is responsible for any soiling or damage done to the furniture (cracks, stains, tears, dust, rain/water damage, etc.). This will incur potential loss of partial or complete damage deposit and additional replacement fees.

 The furniture cannot be placed in areas that are:

  • Dusty

  • Muddy

  • Wet

  • Smoky

  • Prone to rodents

Rugs must be placed on top of tarps on “non-grass” areas.

Many renters utilize furniture outdoors for photos and lounge areas, following use they are placed in dry (sealed – no rodents) storage area prior to be returned or picked up.

What are your rental terms?

Rental terms are typically four days – with pickup Thursday and return Monday.


How do I reserve décor/rentals?

Furniture is available to other clients until a 50% rental booking deposit is paid to Simply Maria. Email us at to book.

How soon should I reserve my décor/rentals?

ASAP. We book décor up to two years in advance, it’s best to inquire and reserve early to ensure you are able to book desired rentals.


Are there fees for returning rentals late?

Yes. Rentals are in limited supply; each day late will incur a 25% of rental fee charge to late renter. If the rental is more than two days late, the renter will be charged for full replacement of the items.

Can we pick up our own rentals? Or are they delivered?

Yes, please pick them up! We have limited delivery availability and it would be additional to rental costs depending on location.

Pick up and return times will be confirmed during booking.

Have a different question we didn't cover? Email us at 

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